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owner of it all

Owner of it all.....


sleepy head




tooooo cute


she will go away if i do not move


in the dark

you found me




Nap twenty.

Nap thirty.

How to measure a cat.



My neck hurts.....

in the bush

statue kitty

i need a nap

cat in the bag

it stinks in here

It stinks in here


sleepy head

This is why there are cat hairs on our socks.


time to do the laundry

i hate hair in the sink

This is why the sink will not drain.


too cute

oh happy day

hair in the sink

Our cat has chosen a

natural food.


How can this be comfortable?

The best things in life "crinkle".

Wrapping paper is all I got for Christmas.


People crack me up!


When you can not close the lower rack of your dishwasher--check to see if that is where your cat is sleeping.


My little helper--over worked again.



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